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Beckenham Ponds walk and park

Beckenham Ponds 01

The Beckenham Ponds, located on Eastern Terrace, is a picturesque spot beside the Heathcote River. Kids will happily create their own fun jumping the creek, swinging from branches, and forging their way through bushes.

We did this walk and visited the park in November 2017 (spring). 

Beckenham Park

Beckenham Park’s playground is well equipped to suit a range of ages. A gravel path circles the park, which would be good for bike riding. There are a couple of picnic tables, a drinking fountain, and there are toilets at the Eastern Terrace entrance to the park. Check out the pictures below.

Beckenham Ponds walk

We did the Beckenham Ponds walk set out by the Council, which was impressive for its lush vegetation.  From the Eastern Terrace side, we crossed a footbridge to Palatine Terrace and wound our way to Farnley Reserve. We passed a playground suitable for young children. Farnley Reserve is a rest area in behind the Centaurus Road shops and has an interesting eel sculpture and a small jetty. Keep following the river, past Thorrington School, and cross the river at the bridge near the Cashmere Club. Find your way to Sandwich Road, which will take you to the Norwood Street entrance of Beckenham Park.

Our kids scooted most of the way as the walk largely uses dedicated walking paths (no driveways) and some footpaths (by driveways). We passed a couple of river swings but they were on the wrong side of the river for our walk – could be worth a detour if you have the time.

The walk took us about 1 hour but you could shorten your route to suit.


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We parked on Eastern Terrace and started our walk from there.

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