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Lincoln Wetland – cool stepping stones

Lincoln Wetland 03


Be careful if the stones are wet as they can be slippery. The raised, “safe” area between the stones is quite narrow so don’t try stepping off to the side.

Once you’ve crossed the wetland there are stony paths to explore – leave a comment below if you can elaborate on where these paths go!

It’s a short drive from here to the fantastic Rosemerryn playground.

We visited Lincoln Wetland in June 2015 (winter).



From Lincoln Tai Tapu Road, turn south on to Ellesmere Road – the wetland reserve is about 200 m along the road on your right.  To get to the wetland, you pass through Lincoln township. There’s a New World, Coffee Culture, The Famous Grouse Hotel, and Hillyers of Lincoln – famous for its pies.

Our visit in pictures

More info

9 thoughts on “Lincoln Wetland – cool stepping stones

  1. We went here at the weekend. The stones were awesome! A few hints for bad navigators, don’t get Ellesmere Road mixed up with Ellesmere Junction Road, and at the last intersection, follow the Rail Trail sign to get to the wetlands. Thanks for letting us know about this cool place!


  2. Unfortunately we went today after reading about and seeing the photos. The cooblestone walk was so over grown we couldn’t make it across. That and there is a horrific amount of mosquitos. We tried to walk the stone tracks that were round the sides of the wetland and found they don’t really go anywhere (All dead ends). Overall was really dissapointed.


  3. Lucy, that’s a shame to hear, but helpful to have the update. It’s definitely a spot that has been a huge hit with families. You could pass your current feedback on to the Selwyn District Council – they’re on Facebook


  4. Went there today and paths seem to have been connected now Lucy to form a circuit around the ponds. Up close view of swan on nest right beside stepping stone pathway was definite highlight, as well as great views of Port Hills with dusting of snow

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  5. We found the Lincoln Wetlands really disappointing. The cobble stones are overgrown and signs warn to avoid them anyway because of breeding swans. Which is fine….the poor swans deserve their peace. But this is the only nice way to get to the wetlands. The other option is a long walk along rocky road. Why aren’t there bridges allow crossing of the wetland streams in other places. To add to our disappointment it’s possible to see the lovely wetlands from the Liffey Springs subdivision but there is no access. A bridge with locked gate and a second locked gate along the path. Basically the wetlands look nice but are challenging ginger to access.

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  6. Totally dissapointing! Only the cobble stones (overgrown and protected by grumpy swans) or a long, boring, stoney uneven road all the way along the back of the wetlands as access. Why no bridges providing access from carpark? Then we tried access via the Liffey Springs subdivision and found a bridge to what looks like a very nice part of the wetlands to enjoy, but a locked gate preventing access. So our advice is to avoid this as a family outing unless you want to climb a gate or walk for about 1km on very uneven track.

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  7. Hi Sue and Anon. After your comments I contacted Selwyn District Council. The stepping stones area has been inspected and they agree it is overgrown and they will arrange pruning work. Fingers crossed for some action!


  8. We went today and it was awesome! Cobblestones were in great condition and the area is obviously being maintained a lot better. Its connected with a part of the rail trail so my 2 pre-schoolers thought it was great to see a few bikes coming past. The tracks meandered around nicely. Lots of stones to throw in the water. We will be back!

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  9. Me and my friend came across the wetlands by exploring at the liffy. we walked around for a bit and noticed there were tons of massive spider nests! but that didn’t stop us from going further. we keeped walking to find a little pond where my friend was trying to catch fish in her shoe😂 now that was something! we then finally, we ended up at the stepping stones. It wasn’t over grown, and there were no grumpy swans so we were fine. after going across the stepping stones I saw a sign and it said Lincoln wetlands. that’s how we found the name of the place. Then we decided to go back because it was getting late. Story by Shyla (11 years old)

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