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Pegasus Lake Playground

Pegasus Playground 04Situated on the shores of Pegasus Lake, this playground is well worth the drive north. It opened just before Christmas (2015) and boasts an impressive tower structure, climbing ropes complete with “Rapunzel hair”, and some of the coolest fake grass you’ve ever seen – watch out for hill-rolling adults! The swings have a stunning lake view and the innovative springy see-saw (sitting and standing) is very cool. We loved the playground piano, which even has the music for 3 Blind Mice.

There’s heaps of parking for the playground (and other lake activities), and there are toilets. While you’re visiting the playground, take a stroll around the lake and check out the beaches. Nearby, is the Flat White Cafe and Bar.

We visited Pegasus Lake Playground in December 2015 (summer).

Our visit in pictures

Click on a picture to view in a slideshow.


This playground is about a 30 minute drive north of Christchurch (depending on your starting point).


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