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Kyle Park BMX Track

Kyle Park 02Kyle Park on Waterloo Road in Hornby has a fantastic BMX Track. The track is suitable for a range of ages and levels – kids can challenge themselves, or take it easy!

The starting hill is pretty high, there are plenty of hills and jumps as you complete the course, and there are a couple of large concrete turns.

This is the home of the Christchurch City BMX Club.

We parked on Waterloo Road – there isn’t an actual car park. There are toilets in Kyle Park.

Kyle Park backs on to Hornby Mall, so it’s a short walk to shops and food.

We visited Kyle Park in June 2017 (winter).


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2 thoughts on “Kyle Park BMX Track

  1. is the Kyle park free for all? or you have to pay to go in there or its like a club.


  2. Hi. It’s been long time since we were there. The track is in a council park but is used by and perhaps maintained by the Christchurch City BMX Club. Lots of families use the facility. Perhaps check with the BMX club if you’re concerned – there’s a link above.


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